12 weeks postnatal

We hope you are feeling well and that both you and your baby are starting to get used to your new life and to settle into a routine that works for you. On this page you can watch our introduction to Postnatal Pilates video, read some useful information or scroll down straight to find the class for you.

This section of the website is a follow-up to our 6-12 weeks postnatal classes. It is important to understand that 12 weeks is a generic number that does not necessary apply to every woman. If you started exercising at 6 weeks and feel stronger and able to progress then go ahead and use these classes. If however you are just now finding the time to start exercise then it’s a good idea to start with the 6-12 weeks Post Natal section of the website and do the classes that were designed to help your body recover and gain strength in preparation for the more difficult classes.

Since we know that your time is still very precious, this section is structured in a similar way to the 6-12 weeks section. All classes are 20 and 30 minutes long and they are all designed to suit your body’s current needs as well as to prepare you to resume “normal” Pilates classes. Once again, if you have more time than just 20 or 30 minutes, simply play 2 classes one after the other. 

Before you start exercising we would like to remind you a few important things:

It is important that you are aware of all the topics raised in the postnatal Pilates 6-12 weeks section before you start exercising. Please be reassured that it is common to still have an abdominal separation at this stage but please keep in mind that it is extremely important to keep working the abdominals in the right way to make them stronger without putting any strain on the body.

We hope you enjoy the classes and that they will help you feel great in your body!