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As life shows us time and time again, commiting to a new routine and forming a habit is not all about motivation and willpower...

In the midst of winter, maintaining your movement practice can keep you centred and strong and give you a positive focus.

We all have the ability to affect our own health - consciously and subconsciously. By actively and consistently forming positive habits we can affect our well being...

How can we make sure we have some time apart when we are all squeezed together into each other’s personal space?

How to find an inner motivation that is authentic and true to your own special life story.

Autumn is a good time to consider supporting youe exercise routine with some lifestyle changes (temporary or permanent) that can help you stay healthy and fight off illness.

Judging ourselves as good or bad, successful or failing does not really help us deal with life’s cycles. Instead, re-explore the body and what it can achieve and how quickly we can get back to feeling good about ourselves.

The great outdoors provide great opportunities to move, have fun and build up some strength on the way. Here are a couple of ideas of how you can get full body benefits while spending time outdoors.

Breathing is probably the most important “task” we perform every moment of every day in our lives, yet very little thought and attention is given to it. Pilates, Yoga and Mindfulness can do wonders to your breath capacity and health...

From your physical core to your mental and emotional core, this post is dedicated to the core and how yoopod classes can help us stay connected and true to our own centre :)

Discover a new relationship with exercise; one that doesn’t necessarily have an end goal but is much more about how exercising itself makes you feel - empowered, confident, connected to your body and happy in your own skin.

Many people believe that their postural, muscular and skeletal “imperfections” are all to blame on their parents or ancestors. Fortunately, this is only partially true and we can do a lot to prevent, change and improve on our body’s “destiny”.

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