Leela Miller

A little bit about Leela...

Leela Miller has been teaching yoga since 1986 when she completed the Sivananda teacher training program. She later went on to study Ashtanga, Iyengar and Shadow yoga. She loves the beauty, power and serenity of merging alignment, movement and breath.

A subsequent diagnosis of glaucoma led Leela on a personal search for the underpinnings of health. Through her study of biodynamic craniosacral therapy she began to understand and apply the healing power of dynamic stillness that underpins life. This led her back to yoga, her Sivananda lineage and the study of Yoga Nidra as taught by Swami Satyananda.

Leela has been a triyoga teacher since its inception and served as their Director of Yoga and Director of Teacher Training, in which capacity she set up, developed and taught on the triyoga teacher training program. Leela teaches private as well as group classes and retreats. She is a practicing biodynamic craniosacral therapist in London with much experience treating people living with HIV.

Website: www.leelamiller.com