Marie C

What a fantastic class! I really enjoyed taking this class again and realizing that my abdominal muscles are much stronger and better able to protect my lumbar spine. The lower body exercises presented are small movements, but surprisingly effective! Thank you!

Marie C

I liked the increase in difficulty of the lower body exercises; and can see the progression to the full exercise. I feel as though I really need to concentrate on keeping the lower abdominal drawn deeply in to protect my lumbar spine; as I'm experiencing slight discomfort immediately following the exercise. Thank you for addressing this, Amit.

Sarah A

Congratulations Nikki! We hope you are enjoying motherhood and getting some sleep... Well done for doing the classes and take your time :)

Nikki N

I'm 10 weeks post natal and this class is perfect for targeting my core. There are a couple of moves like the roll down that I can't do yet but I'll do this class another few times until I've mastered it and then move on to the next. Thanks Amit!

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