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Amit - yoopod .

What wonderful comments Marie!! I am so happy to read you are making progress and that our exercise videos have helped you get it better second time round!!

Posted on 18/11/2013

Marie C

I completed the 'closer look' segments after I took this class for the first time, and found it extremely helpful for improving my form the second time I took the class. Thank you for the detailed instruction.

Posted on 17/11/2013

Marie C

My first 12 week postnatal class following completion of the 6-12 week classes; and it was great to see an increase in the challenge of core and lower body exercises.

Posted on 16/11/2013

Helen H

Fantastic class! My body feels stretched and strengthened, and all in 20 minutes with my baby on the mat beside me!

Posted on 26/02/2013

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