Helen B

I really enjoyed this class too, my core is not strong at all even 2 years postnatal so it was a great challenge. It did bring up 2 queries for me though Amit. Should I always be drawing in my abdominals throughout the classes (which I find difficult when I exhale) and I can’t seem to stop my neck from hurting whenever I do exercises where I need to raise my head. Thanks very much!

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Helen and thanks for your comment. Can I please ask you to drop me an email so I can reply to you privately?
In your email please let me know if lifting your head with hands behind your head hurts the neck or if it is just when you lift the head without any support
Thanks, Amit

Marie C

I really enjoyed the concentration on the upper body. I found the side-laying lift exercise to be strangely challenging, especially on my right side! As per usual, the 'closer look' clips really helped improve my form. Thank you!

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