About Us

yoopod.com is a family business, created by Amit - Pilates addict and guru, Maya - creative spirit and ambitious mumpreneur, and Raphael - Production and PR prodigy. Together, we believe in improving one’s quality of life through exercise and movement, and want to make it easier for people around the world to live healthier and happier lives.

yoopod.com started its life in 2011 as Pilates on Demand, a website dedicated to the different styles of Pilates. Pilates on Demand has grown and evolved so beautifully that we decided to add Yoga - Pilates’s older cousin, and allow you, for the first time, to enjoy the best of both practices under one roof.

We love Pilates and Yoga and we LOVE how organically they complement each other! Each practice, and each style within it, has something unique to teach us and its own way of challenging and making us stronger physically and mentally. It makes us happy knowing that with yoopod.com everybody has the opportunity to enjoy the amazing benefits these methods have to offer. 
We are proud to be a business, which puts professionalism and openness at the front of everything we do. We are passionate about our classes, wanting you to be taught only by first class professionals. We care about the quality of our videos and making your learning experience as clear and easy as possible. We would like you to enjoy all of this without worrying about the price tag and above all and we want you to know that there is always someone to answer any questions or concerns you might have! (That’s us of course…)
 So roll out your mats and start moving, breathing, living…