Amit - yoopod .

Hi Marie
Rolling like a ball is a tricky exercise, especially when you have tightness in your lower back... To roll more smoothly try to stay focused on your pelvis and lower back. You need to feel like you squeeze the sitting bones together and roll backwards from the tail (and not the head...)- let the movement of the tail take you "into the roll". And try to keep your lower back as round as you can. Keep practicing and don't forget that Anita has been doing the work for many years and that is why she makes it look so nice :)

Marie C

I have a question about the 'ball' exercise: how do I make my movement more fluid? My body seems to tighten as I roll downward and I don't look like Anita - when she performs it - at all!

Marie C

Wow! I enjoyed the number of exercises introduced in a short period of time; and I made a point of performing the 'closer look' clips before taking the class.

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