Here are some of the lovely things our members say about us:

"I have used the site for the last couple of years and I just love your classes! It has been a life saver for me as I don't really have time to get out to classes and I have definitely noticed a difference in my muscle tone and posture."

Amy, Plymouth

"Fantastic classes. i used the beginner dvd and found it amazing. i had sciatica for a year and this healed me. i am discovering a new body. Thanks so much. i have a 14 day free trial but i know i am going to be committed. it is a new way of life. Amit is so knowledgeable about the body - its challenges and potential. The explanations are so clear and interesting. thanks!"

Elizabeth, London

" I have been following your site for nearly a year now and I am a fan. Especially after receiving my personalised program. Even though I used to take personal classes from a pilates teacher in Turkey, I now can say that I had better results and deeper knowlegde following your videos."

Omur, Turkey

"I find your website exceptionally good as all the classes are easy to follow, the instructors clear and concise in their explanations and the way you can build up from complete beginner to advanced is brilliant."

Britt, London

"I think yoopod.com is a very effective way of bringing Pilates to busy people who want to practise in their own homes without the time restraints of attending classes. I am a qualified Pilates foundation teacher and found the classes and presentation excellent."

Ginny, Bollington

"Your site is fantastic – I was referred by a friend and have suggested it to many friends myself since I discovered it. It’s so great to have excellent quality Pilates classes available for anytime of day. Well done to you and your team... keep it up."

Virginia, Watford


"Your care for your customers does you credit and is one of the two key reasons why I have recommended your website to several friends. The other reason, of course, is the quality of your lessons. Thank you again."

Mike, Manchester

"Have looked at this website over the last year and have been extremely impressed with amits classes,totally addicted now that I have joined up!!.... Household tasks have gone by the wayside I'm afraid!!"

Sharon, Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland

"I am really enjoying Amit's intro classes. I find them a gentle way to reset my body at beginning and end of day. I find it nice to follow along with someone leading me before/after I have to lead others. I enjoy yoopod because i find the site straight forward and goal oriented. I enjoy the way Amit breaks down his exercises into a gentle progression. I have hundreds of DVDs and Pilates resources and this is one of my favourites!"

Carolyn, Guelph, Canada

"I just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying your classes. I live in Greece and don't have access to a live Pilates class, so I've been using the same DVD for the past four years. I was so pleased to discover your site and am now making really good use of the intermediate level classes. It's wonderful to have such a choice of classes, with clear instructions and without annoying background music! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Sally, Greece

"Well done - i look forward to spending hours poring over my computer. Thank goodness winter is coming. I was going to buy a TV but wont have time to watch with yoopod available online!!!"

Ann, London

"Your new site looks great, high quality filming and lighting plus your presentation is absolutely first class, you really are very natural and watchable- as you know I worked in TV for fifteen years so feel I can say that to you! I wanted to let you know how great it all looks, and I wish you every success with it".

Rachel, Dublin

"I've checked out and signed up for yoopod. I really think it’s fabulous. I think it's clearly set out and easy to understand. I love the fact you can pick your workouts time, level and teacher".

Emily, London

"I think your site will be the perfect complement to my weekly classes , wish I'd found you sooner. It's my first week and am loving it. Have done pilates for a couple years now and I love my classes, but have become bored out of my mind with the DVDs. I was given an ipad for Christmas and it has opened up everything . I can follow you now in the warmer part of my house which when you live in an old house in Scotland is saying a lot!  Thank you guys!"

Catherine, Kippen, Scotland

"Just want to say a huge thank you for yoopod.com. I had a brilliant instructor in Edinburgh and had also been lucky enough to go on a few fantastic pilates holidays but since moving away with work I have tried a few classes locally but haven't found anything that comes close. A lot of the classes I have tried are called pilates but then the instructors barely mention the core or breathing and very few exercises resembled anything I recognise as pilates! I had become a bit demotivated and it was hard trying to do pilates on my own until I found your website and now I'm loving it again! The classes are perfectly paced, point out the things to watch for and I'm enjoying trying a new class every few days".

Caroline, Edinburgh