Siobhan Paton

A little bit about Siobhan...

I started teaching Pilates over 15 years ago as a way to support my dance habit. Initially that’s all the meaning Pilates had for me until I hung up my dance shoes and was wondering what to do and how to move next. Fortunately this moment in my life coincided with my exposure to very empowered and enriched teaching. I finally understood what natural, healthy movement could be; that there was an art to moving the body and being in the body even outside of a ballet studio. My passion for Pilates was born.

I went on to study, practice and study and practice… I embarked on my second comprehensive Pilates training program and graduated from The Advance Teacher Training Program at The Pilates Center of Boulder and then their Master’s Training Program. The journey didn’t end there as Pilates became the support system of healing my own traumas and I had to re-trace my steps again and again- learning a lot as I went.

My teaching reflects the depth of my study as well as my compassion but especially the fun we can have learning and playing with movement as we recover, rebuild, and celebrate our health.


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