Outdoors June

Online Pilates and yoga classes

Summer is here. Hurray! At last we see longer spells of warmer weather and sunshine. Whether it’s a barbecue with friends, chilling out in the park or engaging in your favourite activity, everything feels so much better outdoors in the fresh air; and now is the time to get as much of it as we can!

Taking your practice outdoors can be just what you need to invigorate your experience and add a different dimension to it; and it can benefit you in ways you never considered before, such as strengthening your feet and legs, improving your confidence and giving you a sense of vitality.

This month we feature Yoga and Pilates classes that will make you feel great while practicing outdoors. The chosen classes by the wonderful Liz Lark, Stewart Heffernan and Anoushka Boone will help you open up your body, improve your standing balance and boost your core and upper body strength.

Enjoy your practice and have a great summer :)