6 Classes For Strong and Healthy Bones

Pilates for Osteoporosis

We all start losing bone density from around the age of 35, but some people develop a condition called Osteoporosis and lose bone density much faster than normal, putting them at greater risk of a fracture. Pilates and Yoga can play a big role in keeping your bones healthy and strong as they combine the two most effective elements at keeping bones strong: weight-bearing and muscle strengthening. Additionally, they greatly improve your balance, coordination and reflexes, making you steadier on your feet and much less prone to trip or stumble (and potentially break a bone in a fall).

The classes featured this month combine weight-bearing and muscle strengthening moves as well as balance and coordination exercises. We hope you’ll enjoy and feel better for doing them. If you know anyone affected by Osteoporosis, please share the videos with them. They can benefit from these classes greatly and be placed on the path to healing.

Have a great month!