Sally R

Amazing, thank you! With arthritis in my hips I have been stiff recently and now I feel a whole lot lighter and love the way Nathan explains it all too, very easy to follow : )

Kate F


Lisa N

Great instruction. Nathan you have a lovely calm, encouraging nature. Such clear progressions and instruction. Lovely ideas, excellently delivered. Thank you.

Sarah S

Nathan a lovely clear class. Great focus on the hips.

Kay V

Very clear. I enjoyed it

Kathryn S

Nice class. First one with Nathan, well explained, good pace and easy to follow.

Sarah A

Felt really tight in my hips today and this class was just right for it!

Sara I

Great class! Great pace and like the variations. Some inspiration for my own classes! Thanks!

Helen O

Super class thank you- loved the shoulder bridge variations

sharon c

clear instruction with a few nice additions to movements.

dawn a

I liked the use of traditional moves but with a change of focus on hips and back of legs

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