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Katherine S

Great session! The cues are very helpful. Thanks.

Posted on 30/10/2018

Tracy S

That makes sense. thanks

Posted on 21/01/2018

Tracy S

Hi I have a question. In this class the instructor says to put the weight in the heels. what is the reason for this?
Is it to counter balance the lift of the weights?
As he says it before the weight is lifted?

Posted on 20/01/2018

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Tracy. Thanks for your question. I believe the answer is in Benjamin's cue "stamp the heels down to lift yourself up". Benjamin is trying to get people to not get over focused on the arms... and be more focused on the whole body experience and the awareness to posture and alignment of the spine. I hope this helps and that you enjoyed the class. Best Amit

Posted on 21/01/2018

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