Emma F

Great stretch out and nice variety of exercises. Thank you.

Gabriela H

Hi Amit. Fantastic class! I just catch myself rising my shoulders - not just in the casses but specially sitting on the computer. I live with sore shoulders and neck! Can you recommend anything? I know I just should lower them but while working I forget it all the time! Thank you!

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Gabriela. Glad you enjoyed the class :) A couple of suggestions re shoulders-
1) We all have bad habits that are hard to break, but what is relatively easy to do is get into a habit of taking short breaks every about 30 min to mobilise and stretch a bit. There are apps that shut your workstation off to "force" you to do something else for 30 seconds... or you can simply put an alarm clock to go off every 30 min and when it does just do a few quick stretches. This really makes a difference as it does not allow tension to accumulate.
2) Include the classes below in your weekly routines. They all target the shoulders and upper body.

Hope this helps

Gabriela H

Thank you Amit!
Will do this!
All the best, Gabriela

Naomi S

Really enjoyable, that roll up with bent elbows is a proper challenge for me to work on!

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