Bumps and mums US

Welcome to our dedicated Bumps and Mums area

Pilates is the perfect form of exercise to keep you healthy and happy while you are pregnant as well as after you have given birth, and we are great believers in the importance of correct exercise in this period of your life . Pilates offers SO many benefits for pregnant and postnatal women, and we hope you enjoy all of them in the coming months. Knowing how tricky it can be to travel to a class when you are at the later stages of pregnancy and how difficult it is to find time to exercise when you have a newborn, we created this section of the website to help you fit exercise into your schedule. On this page you can watch our introduction to Postnatal Pilates video, read some useful information or scroll down straight to find the class for you

The Bumps and Mums section is divided into 4 dedicated areas: Second Trimester, third Trimester, 6 weeks Postpartum and 12 weeks Postpartum. Each of these stages will present you with different needs and different challenges. for each period we produced short modular classes of 20 and 30 minutes that are designed to complement each other so that you also have the option of doing 40, 50 or 60minutes of exercise if you have the time and energy, by simply playing 2 classes one after the other.

With our classes you are always in control- exercise at in your own environment, in your own time and as often as you want. No need to buy the latest exercise gear… no need to travel to a class when you are feeling heavy or tired... no need to miss a class because your baby has finally fell fallen asleep and you are definitely not about to wake him the little bundle of joy up…

We hope you enjoy the classes and we look forward to hearing your thoughts about them.