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Ilze H


Posted on 04/08/2017

Susan C

Really good basic class but also so useful for more advanced pupils. The basics are everything so good to focus on technique without complication no matter how advanced you are. Great class to start the day or when you are feeling a bit stiffer than usual.

Posted on 21/07/2016

Eimear F

Very clear instruction. Easy to visualise

Posted on 08/06/2016

Madonna T

Thank you so much for this class Alan. Your instruction is so concise, your manner is caring and timing perfect. I too had a tricky low back this morning but feel much better now and ready to take the day! :))

Posted on 11/08/2015

Vikki H

I love this class. It gives my back a wonderful stretch after sitting at the computer.

Posted on 01/02/2015

Helen O

Fabulous class! Thank you so much- When I got up this morning I could feel a spasm starting in my back and now after 30 minutes of expert instruction- it's gone!! So grateful!

Posted on 28/12/2014

sharon c

Lovely class ,extremely we'll instructed.

Posted on 09/11/2014

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