Celebrating who you are and who you can become

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Have you ever heard of Chicken Soup for the Soul? These are a series of books and even a special day in the calendar that is about celebrating who you are, where you have been, where you are going and who you may be thankful to when you get there. It is also about being inspired and motivated by other people’s simple, true and honest life stories - a reaction against being motivated by social media images and videos of people’s “best” and “most polished” moments… the kind we are flooded by every day :(

With the days getting shorter and colder and the sudden urge to crawl under the duvet and wait for sunny days to come back... it is especially important to create your own Chicken Soup for the Soul recipe and find an inner motivation that is authentic and true to your own special life story.


Looking at where we are and what we have achieved since the beginning of the year can be a good place to start. Where was I in January 2019? What did I want to achieve back then? Where did life take me since then? Try to accept and not judge your journey, and give yourself a little pat on the back for all you have done so far. A positive outlook is always better ;)

Looking ahead

Now that we have a little clarity, where do we want to go from here? What seems to be the necessary next step that will have a positive and life-affirming effect? And since we don’t live in a vacuum, who in our lives do we need to “recruit” (and later be thankful to) in order to achieve this next step? 

Seeking inspiration

It is always inspiring and motivating to look at other people’s life stories. Who do you know - in person, not from the media - that has taken the next little step to improve their own lives? Nothing too grand or flashy… just a simple step that was totally doable but required commitment, persistence and maybe the help of a fellow human being. Keep an open mind; you are surely surrounded by people with inspiring life stories. And you have probably inspired other people too without being aware of it!

Life is a series of small, totally doable little steps, that bring us from A to B and from B to C… etc etc. We all take these steps every day. Let’s all make sure we have clarity of intention behind those steps and that they bring us all to better, happier places in our lives.

Have a great month and stay well