Beat The February Blues

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February is traditionally a month when a lot of people get the blues. Christmas cheer is forgotten, spring is still weeks away, and it’s cold and grey outside (at least here in London). Add to it the uncertainty and worries of the times we live in, be it climate change, world politics or illnesses, and you get the ideal recipe for a really sad month... 

At times like that, taking care of yourself is of utmost importance! Watching what you eat and drink can really help you manage your mood. Maintaining your movement practice can keep you centred and strong and give you a positive focus. Here are three small things you can do for your body and mind this month:

Give your body an MOT

Any motor vehicle must have an annual test of safety and roadworthiness. Our bodies are way more complex than motor vehicles, and need our care and attention on a regular basis. This month try taking the time to really pay attention to your body and see what works and what can do with a bit of improvement. Practicing Pilates or Yoga allows you to check all of your parts are moving and running smoothly and “treat” all the bits that aren’t. Regular stretching and strengthening exercises is all you need, most of the time, in order to stop tension and strain from accumulating and keep your body going without discomfort and pain.

Set yourself an achievable goal

One of the tricky things about big resolutions, the kind we make on the 1st of January, is that it takes a long time to achieve them… and it is easy to lose motivation along the way. Short term goals, on the other hand, can be much more gratifying as you can see the results within weeks and feel encouraged and motivated to keep going. Set yourself a small, achievable and measurable movement goal for February and make sure to achieve it! Work towards a better Pilates Teaser or a Yoga Downdog, or even start working on toned Glutes with the optimistic view that summer will be here before we know it - Whatever makes you happy and motivated!

Take time for yourself

Be it Pilates, Yoga, running, swimming or any other movement practice - spending quiet  time with yourself will have a positive effect on your system and help you stay centred and balanced. Modern life is full of noise - background noise and internal one. Being “in the moment” - focused on your body and movement - will help you let go or at least turn down this constant, tiring noise and enjoy a moment of peace and harmony.  

And for what it is worth… Spring with its longer days is just around the corner! :)

Keep warm and have a good month