Mindful February

meditation classes online

If you’re feeling a bit low on energy or a bit run down by the endless winter bugs, you might want to consider committing to a gentler practice this month - a kind and centring practice of mindfulness and being. There is much to be gained from spending even a few minutes with yourself, slowing down and allowing the brain to offload.

Alexander’s meditation classes offer a wonderfully easy way into meditation. They are simple and easy to follow and have a beautiful balancing and calming effect on our emotions and nervous system.


Norman’s Yin Yoga classes touch on the connection between physical and mental efforts. These classes offer a precious opportunity to be at the edge of our ability and see how we behave there - do we push ourselves beyond or allow ourselves to just be or even back off a little?


Debbie’s Mindful Movement classes are new to yoopod and a great addition to our Mindfulness collection. In the classes Debbie uses very simple movements to enable our bodies and minds to come to the present moment.  These simple classes give us tools that can be very useful in our Yoga and Pilates classes as well as our daily life.