lily R

Lovely, flowing class with very clear instruction. Good work out and enjoyable.

Katherine S

A great class with clear instructions. Thanks!

Kay V

Ive done this 2-3 times now and it's a really fun change from 'normal' classses

Angela R

Brilliant class! Nice and challenging, my body feels much better now, thank you!


Fantastic class! Thank you so much Lisa and Catherine.

Lynn W

Fantastic class as always Lisa. Such precise cues and great ideas with the weights - looking forward to trying some of them out with my clients this week. Thank you! Lynn x

Jody A

Love, love, love this class!! Great flow and suitably challenging for the upper body whilst not neglecting the rest! Thank you Lisa! Xx

Joannne D

Love your classes thank you x

Sarah A

This is a real fun class to start the day before sitting down at my computer. Great workout both for the tummy and stiff shoulders. Thank you!

Sinje Z

Lisa, Thanks for the superb class.

Stephanie B

Wonderful class!

Lucy J

Lisa is a great teacher and this was a really good use of the hand weights. I feel really open in my upper body and ready to face sitting at the computer... Highly recommended!


Great class. Love your voice and encouragement. Good class for intermediates and experienced folk to make a change. Jill sandford

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