Ioana S

great class, works everything (lots of abs too!). I am not at this level (yet) but will keep trying! Thank you!

Mujde S

Love the class Amit ; thank you , just wanted to know if you recommend a class /workout that specially for glutes (help the reduce the size not bigger ; seems to be fashion)
Thank you

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Mujde. Thanks for your lovely comment. Glad you enjoyed the class :) Re glutes - I am a little confused by the question... any exercise programme that strengthens the glutes will make the bigger (by definition...). I think maybe what you are looking for is to strengthen the different parts of the glutes in a balanced way instead of focusing on one specific area and working it so hard it bulks...?
Try this class and see what you think?
BW, Amit

Mujde S

Hi Amit
Thank you for your reply ; yes that’s exactly what I meant working / strengthen the glutes muscle without getting bulky ; love the Michael s class that you recommend; any others that you recommend highly appreciated

Best wishes, mujde

Amit - yoopod .

Glad this made sense to you Mujde and that you love Michael's Class :)
You can try this class by the wonderful Anoushka. It has a strong bridging sequence at the beginning and then a number of strong Glutes exercises spread later on throughout the class.
BW, Amit

ellie S

One day One day I will be able to do this but still great to watch

judy s

Fabulous class. Thank you

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