Geoff A

Create hip and glute workout. Not sure I was able to maintain 'Pilates-face' though ;)

Geoff A

Create hip and glute workout. Not sure I was able to maintain 'Pilates-face' though ;)

Gill P

Michael is not only an excellent teacher, his sense of humour helps keep you focused

Wendy H

Beautiful. Burny. But beautiful.

Elite T

Yup Michael is awesome. After years of doing basic Pilates and no longer feeling progress, I've manned up and doing intermediate - so good to have brilliant teachers to guide me through the exercises safely. Feeling it alright!

Amit - yoopod .

Well done Elite! It takes courage and determination to make progress, especially when doing it all on your own from home... I am so happy that you made the leap and that you are feeling good for it! :) If you have any questions or need any support at all just let me know! BW, Amit

Etienne M

Difficult to follow as sometimes the models don't seem to be doing the right movements.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Etienne and thanks for your comment. I am sorry to hear you were confused by the models in the class. If you have any specific question I'll be happy to help you figure things out! Please drop me a line to the email below with any questions. Regards, Amit

Ian V

Never burnt this much during a Pilates class - one of my favourite so far! Beautifully explained also. More like this one please!

Amit - yoopod .

I am glad to hear you enjoyed this class and the burn Ian! :) This is indeed a very targeted and straight fwd class that will "do the trick" ;) Best wishes, Amit

Jackie C

Amit this was a great recommendation. Simple but effective. Demanding but not complex. Cheeky little 20 mins well spent ;)

Amit - yoopod .

Glad it worked well for you Jackie :) Enjoy the burn ;)

Gillian K

Great sequence

Charlotte F

Love this class, possibly my new favourite! I find it really works the deltoids too, which is great for me because I'm unable to do much with my arms due to severe tendonitis in both elbows.

Jo w

First intermediate class, ouch but great! Could do most of it but needed to stop every now and again to give the old glutes a soothing rub!

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Jo. That is definitely an ouch class... ;) but do it at least once every week and you'll see a great improvement within 2-3 weeks!! :)

lily R

I'm really enjoying Michael's classes. Great focus on different ares. This one on the glutes is really effective. Clear instruction.

Liz M

Good class

Karen F

Short but sweet! I, too, struggled to keep my "pilates face" but enjoyed this challenging class - thank you!

Gabriela H

very good class. Thank you.

Claire O

wow and owch but was a great short class, especially for the glutes. thank you

Darla R

Ouch! Definitely felt it. Great class!

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Caroline. Thanks for your comment. The Square/Box exercise can be a bit confusing, especially while bending and straightening the knee as in this class... It might help to start by drawing a square with your leg through space- going fwd-up-back-down a few times and then do the same while bending and straightening the leg as Michael suggests. If you still find it confusing- don't worry about it! Just follow the exercise as best as you can... I am sure you will still feel the gluts at the end of it ;o) Hope this helps. Amit

Caroline D

Great glutes work out but I found the sequence of drawing a box with the leg unclear.

Kathrin P

Ouch! ;) great Class! Clear instructions, great pace and Rhythm! More of that please!

Madonna T

Wow! Fantastic class!
more from Michael King please Pilates on Demand

Tracy S

love this glutes sequence. Very intense and a nice variation

Tracy S

love this glutes sequence. Very intense and a nice variation

Angie B

Wow! Excellent moves for toning the gluteus...really felt those!

Helen O

Very intense- but super!!

Branwen L

Awwww! That was a great class. Short but...painful (in a good way!)

Anita L

A slightly different way to work the glutes! Thanks Michael,my clients are definitely going to love that.


Great class can not go wrong with Michael King !

Pam C

Great flow to movements and really works gluts and hips!!!

omur y

loved the class!!

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