Anya H

Lovely class - first foray back into Pilates since Covid and this was perfect

Lisbeth D

nice class

Jeannette B

I love doing this class after a stressful day - it's so relaxing and at the same time a great way to have a tiny bit of exercise when you're tired and want to prepare for sleep. Thank you!

Diane B

My first class of sorts ....really lovely tnx

Julie D

Very good and calming, but not quite enough detail about rolling your spine up and down for me.

sharon c

Nice cool down!

Amit - yoopod .

Welcome back to Pilates Katharine and Happy New Year! Hope you get to enjoy many Pilates classes this year and feel great for it!! Amit

Katharine M

Thank you. Just starting up again after a 4 year break. This was easy to follow and feels great. So pleased to have an on-line class, will check out the rest of the site later.

Jil B

Super relaxing and motivating for more, thx!

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