Gabriela H

Thank you Anoushka. Loved this class and specially the Hollow Rock!

Jenny B

Great class. Hollow Rock was actually beyond me, but I substituted with just single and double leg stretch..

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Ellie. I am glad to hear you have enjoyed the class and it made you feel nice and stretched :) As for the level- I agree that the choreography and complexity is not necessarily advanced but I do believe that there are challenges in this class that are definitely at a high-intermediate or advanced level, especially since it is a short class and Anoushka dives into those without much prep. Best Amit

Ellie P

I did enjoy this class but (minus the hollow rock, which is very challenging) I wouldn't say this class was advanced. The beginning was like a beginners class right up to 15 minutes in. It is a good preparatory class to get you into hollow rock though so thank you. I did enjoy the class and I feel nice and stretched out now :) x

Mark A

Ended the day with this very nicely, thanks Anoushka. The Hollow Rock was new to me so a nice surprise to have a new exercise!

sharon c

Very enjoyable, what a lovely mix of exercises that compliment each other. Thanks Anoushka.

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