Amit - yoopod .

Dear Elizabeth. Many thanks for your comment and feedback on yoopod. I am very glad to hear you are enjoying the classes and hope you can feel the benefits too  We don’t have a search box facility on yoopod as we believe the drop down menus are the easiest way to search for classes and find the class that suits one best for the day. As for the Pre-Pilates classes- I can see why this would be a little different to find form the “normal” classes as they fall under a specific category. You can find them using the drop down menus, but I find it easier to use the top menu option and follow this link from there where you will find the pre pilates classes
One other thing worth noting is that you can always press the “Add to favourites” button on any class you wish to do in the future and then you will always be able to allocate it very quickly on your personal home page (My yoopod)
Best, Amit

Elizabeth T

I'm enjoying the classes. Just some feedback on your user journey. I can't seem to find a search box that I can actually type into rather than drop down menus. I want to type in 'pre-pilates class 3' to watch the next video as I didn't move onto that class last time I logged into the website. Also when I look for pre-pilates under the beginners section it's confusing as to where it actually is. I'll keep looking. I'm enjoying the classes though! Clear instructions.

Amit - yoopod .

Really glad you found it so clear and helpful!! Keep me posted as you progress with the classes. Enjoy :) Amit

Diane C

that was my first time doing pilates ever and this video is very helpful and very clear.

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