Gudrun E

Very good and challenging sometimes

Yvonne F

Fantastic :-)


Love the class! What a great way to use the magic circle!
Many thanks to you 3

Kay V

That was certainly different! Thanks

lily R

the magic circle at its most effective!

Alison P

Thank you Holly. The class gives a great understanding of how the magic circle works on the body.

Margie N

Awesome class! Challenging and fun. Love the magic circle. Thank you Holly

Lana S

Love all of her classes! Wish she had more.

Alex M

Fantastic class, really felt the connection between the squeeze of the circle and the lift/lengthening. Will be trying some of these moves on clients!

Sonia T

Lovely fast paced session - to invigorate and use the magic circle... enjoyed it:-)

sharon c

Clear instruction,flowing class but tough at times.will I ever be a "goddess"...???

Amit - yoopod .

it is a great class Sarah B! more magic circle classes are coming soon!

Sarah B

This is a great quick class and I really feel the magic circle working. Great instruction I hardly need to look at the screen!

Love the magic circle! great to have an opportunity to use it at home :)

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