Miranda P

Great class. It was my first time using the magic circle and I thought Holly gave really clear cues and guidance on how to use it effectively. Thanks.

Simon G

Avoid. Weak explanations, very quick transitions, guess what the instructor is thinking and hope you don’t put your back out.

Alice D

I think this is probably a much better class done in studio than at home

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Alice. Thanks for your comment. I am not sure what you mean... but if you need any help or have any questions on the class I'd be happy to help. Just drop me a line to

Diana S

Most challenging so far ! Thank you I will try again tomorrow .......

Fiona C

Love this class! Only 30 minutes but a great concentrated class. Holly''s guidance on positioning is really helpful.

Lana S

Good class! Fast pace and challenging. Is holly Murray doing anymore new classes?

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