Dawn C

I normally do Pilates but fancied doing a bit of yoga. I enjoyed this class and Amanda's teaching style. I don't agree with the comments regarding her being judgemental- I thought they obviously knew each other well and she was just teasing.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Dawn and thanks for your lovely comment! I am glad you enjoyed the class and Amanda's style :) And yes... you are absolutely right... Amanda and Harriet are good friends and she was only teasing ;)
Stay well and have a great 2021!

Natalia S

Hello. Nice video but I thing it would be better to present the beginners program with beginner students, as we need some more tips on how to do everything correctly if it is our first time and we are not so flexible. Thank you.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Natalia and thank you for your comment. Amanda's classes are always free flowing and relatively quick as she believes that the form does not need to be "perfect" and that with practice we gradually get better. I thought the class description reflected that but accept that it could be explained better and will change it now.
On a different note- if you are a complete beginner I would suggest following Basic level classes by Sophie or Stewart who tend to be slower and explained in more detail.
If you would like more detailed information or need any help at all please drop me a line to
BW Amit

Natalia S

Thank you for your advice and explanations. Cheers!

Mary F

I generally follow the Pilates classes but thought I’d follow Lizzie’s Yoga class for a change. I thoroughly enjoyed it & like her style! I’ll now look out for some more of her routines. Thank you

Bethan H

I find this very difficult to watch/do. The attitude of the teacher and little judgements about the student (e.g. ‘she’s a bit camera shy’ within the first few minutes) make me feel uncomfortable. There needs to be more description of what to do and fewer comments on the student.
I don’t think this class sets the right tone for week 1 of a beginner programme. Is there an alternate that is kinder, more welcoming and less judgemental (I.e. different teacher?).

Michelle J

Yes, I agree with your comments on the attitude of the teacher. It put me off straight away and I didn't even last the full 10 minutes.

Amit - yoopod .

Dear Bethan. Thank you for your comment. I am sorry to hear that you felt uncomfortable during the class. I can assure you that non of the comments where made as judgement about the student. Amanda (teacher) and Harriet (students) are very good friends and they both feel that Yoga should not be taken "too seriously" and so they tried to keep things light-hearted in the filming.
Saying that, we all have teachers we don't feel comfortable with and teachers we can "connect" to much better, so I can suggest the following classes as replacement. I hope this helps and that you will enjoy the classes. Please feel free to email me directly with any questions or concerns
Best, Amit

Lynne l

Sorry too fast for me. I am a sixty year old starting yoga for first time. I'm afraid I need a slower class

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