Kavita R

Thank you for a great class!


I am new to Yoopod, what a great first class with Amit! Excellent workout, instructions are clear and Amit offers a variety of exercises in only 30mn.
Thanks a lot!

Alison A

What a great start to Christmas day! Thankyou a great class

Alison A

What a great start to Christmas day! Thankyou a great class

Marija V

Hi Amit,
I just wonder, the last exercise (cat stretch with straight legs) is similar as plank but with round back. Can you explain me why back need to be round? Thanks

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Marija
Thanks for your question. The back does not "have" to be round... but I find that this version of the plank is very effective as it helps people "feel" or "understand" better how to hold the weight of the body up-lifted. I find that when the back is straight people tend to sink more between the shoulder blades and/or at the lower back.
I hope this helps

Marija V

Thanks Amit, and yes you are right with the fact that 'people tend to sink more' with the straight back.
Great exercise!

Clare F

instruction so good, no need to look, just listen and do. Just enough challenge. thank you

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you for your lovely comment Clare. I am very glad to hear you can follow the class by just listening... that is the goal :) Amit

Heidi K

I enjoyed again. Thank you for a good teaching - always learn more about myself and my body!

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you for your lovely comment Heidi. I'm glad to hear you are not only enjoying the classes but also learning from them about your body. Best, Amit

Michelle A

Just what I needed today. Thank you.

Gabriela H

very nice class! Thank you.

Joanne A

Good energising and stretching class - perfect for Monday morning!

yoopod .

it's also good for Tuesday's lunchtime ;-))


Excellent class, one of my favourites!

Jenny B

Really enjoyed your class, thank you. Familiar exercises - yes - but always some fresh insight.

Emma F

Great class - so much packed in!

Sally V

Just returning to Pilates after a break and this class was just what I needed. Not too fast, so was able to concentrate on the correct technique and breathing. Amit's instructions are really good (as always!).

Penny B

Excellent class - really enjoyed challenge

Andrea C

Really good class and easy to follow

Helen O

Thank you Amit, for this wonderful class and such great instruction- I feel great now! Fabulous- thank you!

julie H

nice new exercise!

Sandra D

I can't wait until I can do this.

Sophie G

My first online class - so maybe I'm better than I thought I was :) Good clear instructions

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments! Hope you are staying motivated through this challenging winter and feeling great after every class :)

ipek A

Thank you Amit. Your classes are perfect :-)

Maxine W

Just what was needed - cheers!

Claire D

Wonderful class for abs, i enjoyed it!

sharon c

Wonderful flowing class!

Caroline D

First of the New year programme - done! (I know I'm a day early...) Enjoyed that.

Susan P

My first class and I really enjoyed it.

Alana E

Excellent clear instructions thanks.

Christine H

An enjoyable class and certainly felt the abs working! :)

Yukiko T

The class reminded me how breathing is important. Thank you!

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