Robert v

It's a good class, Amit, although there are aspects that I found a little too advanced at this stage: my abs still haven't 'woken up' properly, so the rollup is hard to do without any props...I still need to keep my feet hooked under the edge of a sofa or the like to help me up past a certain point. I seem to recall some other classes that deal with this, but any advice is very welcome! Thanks again...

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Robert. Thanks for your comment.
Some exercises remain challenging for people for many months (and sometimes years) even when they are appropriate to their level... The Roll Up in particular is a very good example - I know many Pilates teachers who still struggle with this exercise after many years!
As you say- you can hook your feet under a sofa or you can try the following 2 options:
1. Use an Elastic Band around your feet
2. Hold light hand weights (1/2 KG or 1KG). If you are trying this option please be mindful when you take the arms over head (when lying on your back)- to avoid shoulder strain!!
I hope this helps but if you have any questions, please email me
BW, Amit

Robert v

Hallo Amit...thanks for getting back, this is all useful. If you can think of any particular other classes that are especially useful here, that would also be grand, otherwise the general focus on abs should gradually lead to improvement...Robert

Amit - yoopod .

You are very welcome Robert!
Pretty much all the classes target this... but I can add a couple of things that might help:
1. Stretching your lower back tissues can prove please pay attention to "tucking the tail under" and rounding your lower back in all Pelvic Tilts/Curls and Cat variations
2. Releasing tightness from your Quads and Glutes using a foam roller can be helpful. If/when you have a roller please drop me a line and I'll show you where you can find these particular moves

Cheers, Amit

Richard W

Hi. When I do the leg lift exercise on the left side my hip joint pops every time I bring the left left leg back down. Every time., and only on the left. Is this likely caused by a problem with form or some other thing going on with my joint?

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Richard
It can be because of form and/or because of a structural or muscular imbalance in your hip joint...
A couple of suggestions-
1. Check that your pelvis is "square" - with the Left hip bone above the Right hip bone. If the Left side of the pelvis is "collapsing" towards the ribs then the Left thigh bone is forced to move a longer way down and possibly that is why it pops
2. If the above does not solve the problem - do not bring the Left leg all the way down each time! Lift the leg up and then bring it down only as far as you can without it popping. at the end of the sequence bring it slowly down trying to avoid the pop
I hope this helps
BW, Amit

Richard W

Thank you Amit. When you say to make sure the left hip bone is “above” the right hip bone, do you mean when I’m on my right side? If so - just to clarify - the popping happens when I’m on my back doing the single leg raise with left leg bent at 90°. It hasn’t been an issue when doing the leg raise exercises when I’m on my right side.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Richard
Thanks for clarifying. I can see now that I got confused by the wording of your original message. That is the trouble with words - can mean more than one thing ;)
What you are describing is very common and results from the same reasons I describe above (It can be because of form and/or because of a structural or muscular imbalance in your hip joint...)
My suggestions would be similar-
1. Check that your pelvis is "square" - when lying on your back you should make sure you have even weight on both sides of the pelvis
2. Make sure you work with your tail curled in SLIGHTLY. Lie on a hard floor and make it clear in your body when your tail is pressing into the ground and when it is curled in slightly and you cannot feel it pressing into the hard floor. Then go back to your mat...
3. If the above does not solve the problem - do not bring the Left leg all the way down each time! Lift the leg up (thigh towards chest) and then bring it down only as far as you can without it popping! at the end of the sequence bring it slowly down to the ground trying to avoid the pop
I hope this helps

Richard W

Thank you - this feedback was helpful when I did class 3 in this series. I found I was able to eliminate the popping by concentrating more on hip position as well as actively focusing on drawing in and controlling my abdominals during the movement. That’s something you reinforce constantly in the videos, but the popping seems to be a biofeedback mechanism that helps me to actually do it! Cheers!


Amit - yoopod .

I am very glad this helps Richard!!
If you have any questions or need help in the future please drop me a line to

Sylvia O

Hi Amit. Lovely class. Just wondering as I don't have a lot of space, in exercises when I'm supposed to have my arms out to the side is there an alternative position I can do? Thanks. Sylvia

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Sylvia. I am glad you enjoyed the class :)
It would be good if you could do the Arms Open-Close exercise before you lie down on your mat to start the class. This is good to open up the chest and "invite" some breathe in :) You can see what I mean by that in the following class -
Otherwise- just keep the arms at about 30-45 degrees from your body with your palms pressing down. it is totally fine!
Hope this helps

Robyn L

I did the first class 3 times before moving on the feel secure with what I was doing. Felt ready for this one and it was a lovely progression from the first class, it does move on but not too fast. Thank you.

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you for the feedback Robyn. I am glad to hear you are progressing gradually but surely :) Amit

Abigail B

Great Session, really enjoyed it...

Candy G

Just graduated myself to this class, yay! Feeling good. Thanks, Amit and Nicky!

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Saskia. Thanks for your question. I would say that you do not want to feel the lower back working too hard in the double leg kick. I can suggest a number of things- first of all keep your legs just off the ground when you lift them- do NOT lift them more than 1/2 an inch off the ground; make sure to pull and lift your abdominals as much as you can to support your lower spine- making sure to keep a little gap between your tummy and the floor (just enough to slide a piece of paper under your belly...). If this still does not help- I would suggest repeating the Single leg kick instead of the double leg kick for a few more weeks and also spending time stretching your Quadriceps muscles and/or rolling them on the foam roller if you have one. I hope this helps

Saskia E

Just one question: is it okay to feel the lower back in the double leg kick? Thanks!

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you Rebecca and Catherine! It's great to hear you are enjoying the class and that you find the pace good and the instructions clear!!

Catherine D

Found this class was at the perfect pace for me, i think i am gettting a hang of the exercises now! Thank you!

Rebecca C

Found this class much better - really good instruction and i got the breathing. Ready for another day! Thank you.

Gabriela S

THank you Amit. x Gabriela

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