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Candy G

Just graduated myself to this class, yay! Feeling good. Thanks, Amit and Nicky!

Posted on 25/08/2015

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Saskia. Thanks for your question. I would say that you do not want to feel the lower back working too hard in the double leg kick. I can suggest a number of things- first of all keep your legs just off the ground when you lift them- do NOT lift them more than 1/2 an inch off the ground; make sure to pull and lift your abdominals as much as you can to support your lower spine- making sure to keep a little gap between your tummy and the floor (just enough to slide a piece of paper under your belly...). If this still does not help- I would suggest repeating the Single leg kick instead of the double leg kick for a few more weeks and also spending time stretching your Quadriceps muscles and/or rolling them on the foam roller if you have one. I hope this helps

Posted on 16/04/2014

Saskia E

Just one question: is it okay to feel the lower back in the double leg kick? Thanks!

Posted on 06/04/2014

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you Rebecca and Catherine! It's great to hear you are enjoying the class and that you find the pace good and the instructions clear!!

Posted on 14/11/2013

Catherine D

Found this class was at the perfect pace for me, i think i am gettting a hang of the exercises now! Thank you!

Posted on 06/11/2013

Rebecca C

Found this class much better - really good instruction and i got the breathing. Ready for another day! Thank you.

Posted on 07/10/2013

Gabriela S

THank you Amit. x Gabriela

Posted on 15/02/2013

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