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Im really enjoying practising how to breathe properly, it amazes me that i do everyday and never really give it thought..

Posted on 13/02/2018

Rosie W

Don't underestimate the effectiveness of these shorter classes, they are still a great workout! I can definitely see improvements in my form in subsequent longer classes after refreshing the underpinning techniques.

Posted on 21/03/2016

Donna C

Just finished a set of 4 nights and woke this afternoon stiff, achy and sore. So sign up for yoopod and found this wonderful class. Exactly what I needed to unwind and relax. Thanks Amit, will definitely search for 1 and 2.

Posted on 08/11/2015

Abigail B

Feeling much more awake and clear headed after completed all 3 of the sessions in this group. No 3 is definitely a challenge... but am looking forward to building up my strength and stamina so I can progress on.

Posted on 16/06/2015

Julia S

First Pilates class ever, and I'm already hooked. I can't tell you how relaxed I feel after those 3 pre Pilates lessons. I moved muscles I didn't know I had! What a great teacher Amit is.

Posted on 22/02/2014

akaHighlight K

Great class. My husband joined me for this today, it was such fun having a class together in our very own living room. Plus, it was his first Pilates experience (he normally takes Yoga classes) and he loved it!

Posted on 13/10/2012

Felt a bit tired today so decided to do an easier class. it was actually really good to get back to basics and take the time to re-work on familiar exercises. thank you!

Posted on 08/09/2012

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