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January is over… and with it the renewed energy that comes with New Year resolutions… And as much as we’d like to be optimistic about the onset of Spring (at least in the northern hemisphere) we probably have at least a few more weeks of cold weather and relatively short days to endure. February, as we can hear our bodies telling us every morning, is still a month to hibernate, enjoy homely comforts and “just be”.


Luckily nowadays most things can come to us without us having to even get out of our pj’s and so there is no reason why not to uphold a practice without much effort at all. If you are of the determined kind (or have a ski holiday approaching quickly) you can still enjoy physical, tone building classes. But if you find yourself low on energy and maybe somewhat challenged by the endless winter bugs, you might want to consider committing to a gentler practice this month - a kind and centring practice of mindfulness and being. There is much to be gained from spending even a few minutes with yourself, slowing down, allowing the brain to offload and maybe observing something new or forgotten about yourself.

In my little world, where daily tasks never end, ‘To Do’ lists never get shorter and deadlines always come around too fast... a few quiet moments of mindfulness go a long way - helping me tune in, get a bit of perspective and remember what the rat race is really all about. I sneak those precious moments in whenever and wherever I can - while cycling or walking to work, waiting for the train, warming up before my clients get to the studio or just before getting into bed. I use these short moments of mindfulness to help get me through winter, and they never fail to make me feel better!


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Happy February