4 Easy Ways To Keep Moving During the Holidays


The Holiday Season is here. Hurray :)

Whether you like Christmas or not, your routine is very likely to be affected by it. Pre-Christmas drinks and parties, the holidays themselves, kids being out of school… December is a month that makes it very difficult to stay in your routine, and for most if us this means that the few precious hours a week we dedicate to movement and exercise are going to be affected too. This is probably why by January everyone feels the need to make New Year resolutions ;)

So, what can we do about it? Here are 4 easy ways to keep moving during this time of the year:

Add movement to your everyday life

Movement should not be restricted to fitness classes or the gym. You can add movement to your daily life without much effort and improve how you feel, your metabolism and your mood. Starting with the obvious:  walk, cycle, go up/downstairs more. It sounds trivial but it makes a huge difference. And it ACCUMULATES. Have as many such active moments throughout your day as you can, even if each one lasts only a few short moments!

Alternate your position as often as possible

Writing Christmas cards, talking on the phone to friends and family, entertaining or being entertained can all provide opportunities for moving. Take calls and talk to people while standing (or walking about) instead of sitting; sit on the floor instead of in a chair/sofa whenever you can. Cross your legs the opposite way to your habit, stand on your other leg, lean on the other arm (yes, you are probably standing mostly on one leg and leaning mostly on the same arm… we all do!)

Stretch, stretch, stretch.

In your everyday (or party) clothes, while going about your day and without waiting for a “special” moment to do it... Lift your arms up or stretch them out to the sides; Lean forward on a table to stretch your calves, hamstrings and glutes; Twist your trunk around or bend it from side to side. These stretches will definitely help after hours of preparing the Christmas meal and during the unavoidable sedentary days...

You can watch these short classes for inspiration

Hang from a pull up bar

Give yourself the perfect Christmas present - a Pull Up Bar. They are not expensive and can fit around any normal door frame (no installation required for some models). Hanging is super healthy for you and can prevent, as well as be a part of, the cure for most of the common shoulder injuries. Place the bar where you will see it many times a day and every time you go by just hang there for 10-20 seconds. It will do wonders to your shoulders, arms, trunk and breathing muscles and it feels great too :)