If you find yourself low on energy and maybe somewhat challenged by the endless winter bugs, you might want to consider committing to a gentler practice this month - a kind and centring practice of mindfulness and being.

By Amit Younger

Our immune system is like a network of channels and nodes that delivers immune cells and removes pathogens via the lymphatic fluid. The key to keeping it working well and free of blockages is (yes… you guessed right…) to MOVE.

By Benjamin Degenhardt

Is it true that working out is just another chore...?

By Amit Younger

Fitness Resolutions tend to be trendy around the New Year, before the summer and before big life events such as weddings… but the truth is that NOW is probably the perfect time to make a start on your fitness resolution…

By Amit Younger

Amit Younger graduated from the BASI teacher training programme in 2001 and was a Teacher Trainer for BASI for nearly a decade. In this article he talks about the ideas and ethos behind BASI Pilates.

By Mike Perry

Mike tries to answer this question. His answer? not for 'relaxation’, 'feeling good’, 'Pippa’s bum’, 'weight-loss’, 'core stability’ etc...

By Amit Younger

A long flight provides Amit with a good opportunity to put his thoughts and impressions about his recent trip to Japan into writing...

By Michal Miodonski

What hypnosis and mind empowering have to do with Pilates? According to the body, mind and spirit relationship… a lot.

By Marguerite Ogle, adapted by Amit Younger

In his book Return to Life Through Contrology, Joseph Pilates provides definite advice on how to sleep better. This piece looks at some sleep tips and exercises he recommended.

By Helen Hirst

Helen has been practicing and teaching Pilates for many years, but it wasn’t until she was pregnant for the first time that she experienced just how fundamental Pilates could be to a pregnant woman’s wellbeing!

By Dawn Hathaway

As a Pilates teacher studying to be a Shiatsu practitioner Dawn is struck by connections between the two forms of Bodywork.

By Kate Bartolotta

We chase this idea of “I will be happy when…”
What if instead we choose to be happy—right now?

By Marguerite Ogle

Many people think of body detox in terms of cleansing diets but consider now what a powerful body cleansing process you have available to you all the time through exercise...

By Amit Younger

Our feet are the foundation of our structure and movement but we don't give them the attention they deserve...

By Amy Taylor Alpers

Amy explains that in order to heal the body through Pilates one must not just ‘do’ these exercises, but rather 'use’ them intentionally towards their unique and powerful purpose.

By Amit Younger

Let’s talk about why it is SO good to practice Pilates at home, on your own...