Pilates for overweight people


I am overweight and out of shape, but would like to start a Pilates routine. Any advice?

You can start doing Pilates no matter what your weight or fitness level is! I have worked with overweight people who understood the work and were able to perform the exercises much better than a lot of other people!

The important thing is to start gradually and progress at a pace that is appropriate to you. if you are out of shape and have never done Pilates before you would need to start from step 1. Our Complete Beginner section offers pre-pilates classes that will help you prepare for the “real thing”. Follow these classes until you feel ready to move on to the Beginner’s Course classes. These classes offer variations and modifications that will allow you to learn the exercises at a level appropriate to you and progress gradually and safely.

If you want Pilates to help you re-shape your body and help you feel better you will need to schedule regular classes so that you take at least two to three classes per week. Only with regular practice your body will start re-forming itself and change from inside out. And it is the regular practice that will also give you the boost to be more active through-out the day and maybe even take on board other forms of exercise such as walking or cycling.