Pilates for over 70s


I am over 70 years old and not sure Pilates is right for me and how it can help. Can you please advise?

Unless you suffer from a specific condition that stops you from exercising, then the answer is definitely yes… Pilates is not only right but actually quite wonderful for you!

If you have any doubts then please talk to your doctor about exercise and see what he/she recommends. Assuming they are happy for you to commence classes I would recommend starting from the very basic level classes (Pre-Pilates, Beginner’s Course and Basic level classes) and working your way through the classes to find which work best for you. We have recently added classes by the wonderful Alan Herdman that you might find appropriate and interesting.

As for how the classes can help you- I could talk about it all day as I just love working with seniors and seeing how they get better, stronger and healthier… but instead I will quote some scientific data that you might find reassuring: A 2013 investigation found that following a Mat Pilates program, both male and female seniors (average age of 69 years) showed improvements in strength, postural control and dynamic balance. The study also demonstrated that those who continued practicing regularly, continued to improve even one full year after the initial study.

These studies do not usually quantify things like sense of achievement, joy, feeling energised and motivated… but I have no doubt that the participants in the study felt all of the above as well.