Diana G

Quite honestly this is one of the best pilates classes I have ever done. The band work for the shoulders is delicious.

Amit - yoopod .

Really glad you enjoyed this class Diane :)

Angela R

I absolutely loved this class! The first arm section was so nice and releasing for my shoulders then the roll down with twists allowed me to find some deep abdominals I didn't know I had! Great class, thank you!

Sarah S

I love you style of teaching Jo. You are such an inspiration xx

Sarah S

Such an inspiring teacher.
I love your style of teaching Jo xx

Julie R

I struggle with a band for this exercise
My legs always want to life as I come up
Any tips ?

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Julie. Can you please specify which exercise it is that you are struggling with so I can offer some tips? Please feel free to email me directly on
Best, Amit

Anya H

This class was a killer! Really highlighted my weaknesses - in a good way! Definitely coming back to this one again and again x

Ivona M

Excellent class, enjoyed it a lot!

Talia W

Fantastic class. Joe makes the hard work really fun. Will definately do it again!

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