Jerusha T

Great class, love the use of the ball and feels a good way to start the day. Please can we have more classes like this :)

lily R

This is a really good class for opening and mobilising my very stiff back. The use of the ball help me focus on the movements really well. Thank you!

Yvonne B

Super class, Joanne! Thank you so much - I feel so much better now. I love your delivery and calmness. Still got a lot done in 20mins! Look forward to doing your other classes.

Joanne C

Wow!!! Thank you so much Yvonne! I am so pleased you enjoyed the class. 20 mins classes are great as we can so easily fit them into our day can't we?

Anya H

Loved this class - exactly what my body needed after a week of desk work x

Joanne C

Thank you! I am so glad you enjoyed the class!

Theres H

finally joined Yoopod! Great variations, I especially loved the spine twist version - will use right away in class tonight! Thank you!

Joanne C

I am so glad you have joined Theres! Enjoy twisting!!!!

Sandra I

Loved this class, especially the abdominal exercises with the ball behind the back. Have added this to my favourites

Joanne C

I am so glad you enjoyed it Sandra!

Gabriela H

Thank you for this great class. So nice to have a different approach to opening the spine and working the core too.

Joanne C

I am so pleased you enjoyed the class Gabriela.


Lovely class, flowed beautifully and what a great instructor. Joanne you have a really clear calming voice, very engaging.

Joanne C

Thank you Nicola for your very kind words-I am so pleased you enjoyed the class!

Pam C

Great class and much more challenging than it looks!

Joanne C

I ams o glad you enjoyed the class! You know you have nailed it when you feel the work!

Rachel B

Fantastic class and just what I needed to release my tight upper back! Awesome instruction too!

Joanne C

Thank you Rachel- the ball works so well to release the upper back

Kasia S

What a great class. Thank you Jo and lovely girls:)
Feel so open and unstuck. Loved the explanations and the variations.

Phil B

Great class. I feel both stretched and worked out. Some challenging moves with the ball. TY

Joanne C

Glad you enjoyed it Phil

Lisbeth D

Loved this thank you

Joanne C

I'm really pleased you enjoyed it Lisbeth!

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