Julia W

Loved this class Jo

Katherine S

Great class. I didn't appreciate just how tight my lower back, hips and shoulders had become until I did this class. I'm going to use it on a regular basis from now on. Thanks Jo!

Clara E

What a fantastic class, Joanne!

judy s

I loved this class more than words can say.

Sarah A

I didn't realise how stiff I was until doing this class. Fantastic stretching!

Dominique H

Thanks Joanne, this is a beautiful class. I feel so good afterwards.

Claire L

Loved this class Jo, thank you

Anya H

What a fantastic class, I'll definitely be doing this again and again and I think my clients will love elements of this as well. Thank you! x

Phil B

A great class and I feel SO much better! I am glad I read Nicola's comment and am planning to come back to this class again too. Thanks Jo!


What a fantastic class. I've been using many elements of this in my classes this week and not only have I had some amazing feedback, my hips feel much better too! Beautifully instructed as always, this is definitely one I shall be coming back to again and again.

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