lily R

Lisa's classes whether long or short never disappoint. I feel totally engaged with her instruction, and love her sequences with their little twists. Always a great work out.

Syreeta S

I think this has been my favorite class so far! My favorite part of Pilates is that whenever you feel like you might have mastered something there is always a variation to challenge your muscle strength even further. This class certainly did that for me today! I'm absolutely going to kick my husband's butt during our HIIT session tomorrow, bring on the plank presses.

Lisa B

HI Syreeta,
I am so pleased you loved this class and enjoyed the challenge. Go easy on your hubby ;) x

Kate G

Found that too many exercises required holding the neck off the ground, so it hurt quite a lot by the end. Had to modify for comfort. Great workout on abs.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Kate and thanks for your comment. I am glad to hear you have modified to avoid neck pain!
In the Intermediate level, many (most) classes will have long sequences that require holding the head up for long periods of time... for people with tight neck or back, this means the neck might start hurting after a while... just back off/modify as necessary to avoid this pain and hopefully over time it will be less of a problem!
Warm wishes

Kiran S

Challenging class with some great variations that I haven't experienced before. Just the right level for me, pushing me to the limit of my control. Will do this one again

Lisa B

Hi Kiran,
Enjoy doing Again and Again and Again... So pleased you enjoyed x

Alison A

In these strange times when normal classes are cancelled this is just what I needed today! Thankyou

Lisa B

Hi Alison, strange times indeed... I am thrilled that you are able to keep moving and stay strong. And thank you for the comment x

Erin B

Great class for the abs! Loved the quick pace

Anya H

This is an amazing class! Relentless! Kicked my lazy bottom x

Wendy W

Fantastic class that flowed one move into another, tough on the abs but really enjoyable,

Emma B

Fantastic class thanks Lisa. Some great challenging variations...

Talia W

This class is a KILLER for the abs. I enjoyed and suffered in equal measures!

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