Isabelle C

Energizing class that flows nicely and gives you a sweat so you feel relaxed and strong afterwards!

sarah H

Thanks so much Lisa ! That was a fantastic, flowing and well rounded class. the intro to squatting really made a bg difference . I also loved the combination moves. The class had an excellent and good focus on strength, I started to sweat at one point. This is definately a great workout that covers it all.

Kiran S

Lovely class, challenging and took me just beyond my limit. Really enjoyed the standing work at the start and the stretches. The cues were great. Will do this again and keep working towards improving.

Alyson R

Great full body workout! It really showed me where I have opportunities to get stronger. It was a bit beyond my level in spots, but I'm glad I made modifications and persevered, because I really loved the stretches at the end!

Ivona M

I enjoyed the class a lot, particually the nice balance between dynamic movements and stretches at the end, certainly feel energised for the rest of the day! thank you for posting this class

Molly A

Again really enjoyed the challenge of this class. But one to do when you can concentrate and not rush through it.

Pippa S

I’ve enjoyed all my classes as I gradually re build my strength after a long period of illness & certainly found this a challenge to my stamina. I will now do a couple of easier classes to consolidate my technique before challenging myself with this class later in the week. This is the joy of yoopod where you can pick classes to suit your body & timetable.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Pippa. Thanks for your lovely comment :) We are very happy to hear you are enjoying the classes and the format. This class is indeed challenging... which makes it worth re-visiting periodically to see "how we are doing" and where we can still improve our technique and stamina. Enjoy the practice and have a good week, Amit

Molly A

The teasers were a step too far for me!!

Amit - yoopod .

Just do what you can Molly... it’s the only way to get stronger :)

Molly A

Yay! Finally nailed those teasers!

Amit - yoopod .

Well done Molly!!! Now... enjoy them :) Amit

Sarah A

Prepare to work hard!! I found this class challenging in a good way. It was fast, energetic and I definately feel my body now :))

Polly B

Great class, very challenging! Good variation of exercises too....thank you!

Julie L

I really enjoyed this class. It is a fantastic full body workout. It had a lovely balance of preparation, challenge and stretching as well as clear and well paced instruction. Thank you.

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