Rhonda W

Some nice variations on some standing work I'm already doing with my private Zoom clients, who were on the machines pre-Covid. Great balance challenges!

Gill P

A challenging class which is well worth returning to a number of times

Kathryn S

Nice class. Great complement to other things, love the prep work before the main exercises.

Gabriela H

great twisting and balancing class! Getting better at it every time I do it! Thank you!

Kay V

Great after morning cycle

lily R

this is really effective short class - great for stability and balance, and the next day I knew it had really worked my glutes. I know this will be a class I keep coming back to.


Brilliant! Lovely cues and instructed so clearly. Love the diagonal twist at the end. Hamstrings and back needed that.

Renata A

Lovely class Lisa!

Lisbeth D

Really enjoyed class, love the leg work.

Christina P

Think this is my 1st intermediate class, and although I didn't find it easy, I was expecting it to be more difficult, due to a previous comment. Thank you so much for this class, knew my balance wasn't as good as it should be, but actually feel this class will eventually help.

Alice D

Unfortunately I found the last few exercises very difficult to follow at home:probably great to do in the studio with an instructor but I’m not sure these are suitable for following on a screen

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Alice
Thank you for your comment. This class is indeed challenging and probably requires a lot of work to "perfect" the moves. Saying that, there is nothing "complicated" about the exercises at the end of the class, so might be a good idea to watch them a few times without doing them and then try again together with Lisa? It's a great class that will make you feel really good so hope you will give it another go. Best, Amit


Another work out full of useful and innovative stuff to take to clients and class. Love yr stuff. Jill sandford

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