Emma B

Great, energetic class but I really missed all the normal instructions the tutors give regarding the inner muscles, no metaphors, too fast for me I am afraid!

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Emma. Thanks for your comment. In trying to cater to everyone's needs and preferences we ask the teachers to teach some classes with more detailed instructions and cues and others with more emphasis on continuous flow. I am glad you enjoyed the energy of the class and hope you'll do it again on days that you just want to flow with what you already know :) Best Amit

Jennine M

Very enjoyable class. Thanks Lisa

Naomi S

Lovely start to the day and a good stretch out of my stiff lower back, thank you.

Julia H

Hi Lisa, lovely to see your classes on yoopod, using this 20 mins as a warm up to my own teaching and finding the flow transfering itself into my classes too

Talie L

Lovely thanks Lisa- I feel inspired

Julia H

lovely flowing 20 mins thanks lisa

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