jenny n

Loved this class thank you Lisa. Just a query on the swimming exercise, where the leg is lifted from the gluteal fold, you mentioned not using the glutes, should the glutes remain quiet for the whole of that exercise? Thank you!

Lisa B

Thank you Jenny, I am thrilled that you enjoyed this class. Great question about the glutes! I try to emphasis lifting from the gluteal crease area (lower down in the glute region) to try to involve both the glutes and hamstrings in activating hip extension. So it’s not the intention to keep the glutes quiet throughout but certainly to avoid over using them. I see a lot of clients simply squeezing their bum to lift a leg and this often produces unwanted tension and in the hip joint and the lower back, which we really want to avoid. I think our focus should be on lengthening the leg and creating space in the front of the hip joint to produce a balanced activation in the glutes and the hamstrings. I do hope this makes sense. Please keep watching and fire any more questions this way Lisa B x

jenny n

Yes, very helpful thank you so much Lisa for that great explanation. I always find that clients find it so hard to use the glutes correctly! thanks again!

Susan W

Great, Lisa. Just like Cobham Retreat! Thanks!

Lisa B

Thanks Susan, so pleased you enjoyed doing the class. Lisa B x

Sarah A

Superb! I'm feeling worked out and stretched!

Lisa B

Great work Sarah! So pleased you're feeling the benefits. Lisa B x

Sinje Z

Fantastic class ! exercises adressing inner thigh muscles and integrating all the hip muscles. Love it

Lisa B

Thanks Sinije, So pleased your hips are feeling the love :) Lisa B x

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