lily R

Wonderful class. The flow and sequencing combined with the challenge of balance, made it almost like a meditation as well as a good work out. Very grounding, Thank you.

Kay V

Did this for the second day in succession. Found it much easier, enjoyed it again. It makes me sweat!

Kay V

That was very different! Enjoyed it, thanks

Elite T

loved this class and feel like a dancer now

Ivona M

Enjoyed this very creative flow of movement a lot, thank you for posting the class!

Sarah A

great to be moving in a different way to what i normally do. Really likes the flow of this class but also felt quite challenged with balance. Will have to work on that...

Mara S

Very good class. My spine feels new. That's what I needed :-)

Sinje Z

Fantastic ! The flow moves the whole spine. I feel soft and flexible. Michael You're brilliant

Gabriela H

Fantastic class! Great movements, flow and choreography. Will do it many more times. Thank you!


More inspiration and challenge. Many thanks

Katherine S

What an inspiring class! I love the sequences and flow. Will use these in my classes. Thanks Michael.

Catherine B

really fun and different class!

Rachel J

Fabulous!!! Boy, did you make me work hard. Loving the choreography. Some brilliant cues, moves, and inspiration for taking to class.

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