lily R

Different in a good way. 30 minutes sped past as I tried to balance. Definitely one to keep returning to.

Katherine S

Great class! Thanks.

Sarah R

I just love everything about this session!! :)

Linda B

Wow what a great class! Definitely a challenge. A
lot harder standing than on the mat. A definite class to try every week till I’m perfect! Hopefully! Thank you Michael.

Lisbeth D

Fantastic ! Loved this class !

Gabriela H

Great balancing class! So good to do when not having a mat!
Thank you!!

Jan T

Loved this class, thank you

Verena G

What a great class! really challenging for the balance and the legs, so I think I will have to repeat it a few times before I can keep standing without losing my balance throughout the class. I feel so stretched and lengthened in the back now!

Ilze H

Enjoyed standing pilates class! Good to try something different. It was challenging for me!

Lucy J

wow, I don't thing I have ever done a class just standing. This was hard! :)
Really enjoyed the balancing challenges that made me rethink my positions and pay attention to which muscles I am really using. Will definitely do it again.

Amanda W

Really feel challenged and balanced, good for shoulders too.

Naomi S

Really enjoyable and definitely a challenge to my balance, thank you

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