Moira P

I've been used to doing these exercises without a ball, but with the ball gives added dimension and and increases the power of the workout. Instructions were good.

Kay V

They may be basic movements but it is an intermediate challenge. Loved it.

Liz M

I liked it but found it difficult

Julie B

Really well structured class -flowed really well

Nesta S

Ooh my absolute favourite! LOVE this!

Tania H

Getting confused with breathing. With two people demonstrating at different pace it’s even harder.
Find it easier when teachers use the terms inhale and exhale.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Tania. Thanks for your comment. Please don't worry about the breath pattern too much. Any movement can be done on a breath in or out... if and when you can follow Michael's (or any teacher) suggestions please do but it is just as good for you if you do it on the opposite breath pattern. Best, Amit

Polly B

Another great class with Michael.....Always feel brilliant afterwards! Thank you....

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