Elyse M

Great encouraging class! Thank you for a great 30 minute work-out!

Gillian W

Great session and very clear instructions. Thank you!

Lisbeth D

Fabulous !

Antony H

Good pace but it was hard for a basic session with all that planking!

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Anthony. Thanks for your comment. Planks are "Basic" level because they are simple to perform and they build strength quickly... of course, at first it is a challenge to stay in the plank for a while, but keep at it and you'll feel the strength building up quickly! Please always remember to keep your pelvis a little more lifted than your shoulders and keep pushing your chest away from the ground at all times. Cheers, Amit

Nick M

Good session but it was quite tough for me even though I've done a fair bit before.

Ilze H

Really enjoyed! Easy to follow his classes. More please!

Julia W

Cool,fun, and loved the pace and depth of simple exercises.

Neasa M

That's a lot of great stuff packed into 30 minutes. I'm going to get taller, not shorter, as I get older!

Tracy S

I really enjoyed this workout. I particularly liked the explanation of how to stabalise for single leg circles. The first time I've really actually understood the exercise. Usually the instructor says stabalise, but doesn't explain how.

Helen O

Yes I do feel three inches taller! Thank you!

sara c

A really brilliant morning wake up sequence. Thank you!

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