Amit - yoopod .

Hi Charlotte
I think you are referring to the variation around minute 14:45… let me know if I didn’t get you correctly.
This is a very challenging variation, especially for people who have tight calf muscles and struggle with the full “Eastern Squat” (feet flat on the floor). If you watch the video carefully you will see that Emma (at the back) is lifting her heel up from the mat every time. This is one option and if you can do it comfortably that it is fine! Otherwise I can suggest placing 2 Yoga blocks or bricks (or thick books) by your side in a way that allows you to place your hands on the blocks (rather than the floor) to help you support and stabilise yourself.
I would also suggest practicing the full squat often to try and stretch the muscles and make it easier for you. I love practicing by a door frame so that I can hold the door frame (in front of me) while squatting back. If this is still very challenging place a folded mat or towel under your heels in a way that allows them to rest onto it.
Hope this helps!

Charlotte W

Help! I really enjoyed this class but I struggled with the variation at about 14:00 in the squat from Rolling Like a Ball into the on leg balance. In that squat I can't get my feet flat! I assume I shouldn't be trying to do it balanced on my toes? What can I do to work towards that full squat with my feet flat and legs close together?
I can only manage it if my legs are quite far apart...


The Ladies work is excellent.

Amit - yoopod .

I took Kathy's advice and did class 365 and then this one in a row... in the morning sun... :) Wonderful!! Thanks Benjamin!!

Angie B

Excellent class...very challenging. My first advanced class!! Great teaching methods by Benjamin. Really enjoyed it. Thank you

sharon c

Thought provoking class, very different approach to some excercises. Very enjoyable, lots of practice for me in the future to make all these moves. More classes from Benjamin please.

Kathy K

Rather perfect...
each one of Benjamin's classes...done separately, or in sequence, as I just did.
Great choreography, cueing, pace, energy...all of it!

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